Fleur's Centre Peices

  • Take advantage of this versatile clear acrylic stand which can be used in multiple different settings from floral arrangements, vases, to candle setting. Due to its height this can be featured on tables adding a sense of grandeur and along aisle and alters. 80 cm tall.
  • Petite and simple, yet this rustic basket would bring out warmth and true character and a table centre and venue throughout. Standing at 28cm the floral arrangement required for the basket would be minimal.
  • Our Ivory metal wired birdcage stands at 40 cm tall, the latched head will allow you to  design the centrepiece in a variety of different styles using floral or candle arrangements. A range of personalised accessories are also available to add, making this the perfect unique centrepiece.
  • The Candelabra boasts its height at 81 cms. This truly is a grand centrepiece which in any venue will make an event even grander. With candles used on top its height it can go upto 110 cms. This can be designed in a variety of different styles from as simple as Ivy leaves stemming from the base to dense floral arrangements. 
  • If you like the amalgamation of flowers and candles, look no further. Have the best of both world with centrepiece, with a section for flower arrangements in the middle and spot for a large candle on top this display stands at 83cm tall.
  • Our Grand Multi Candle towers at 150cm, one of our favourites, its simplicity is its own wow factor, needing no flowers. Its 8 piece candle setting with a square base can be used not only on tables but also along the aisle and around the alter.
  • From its branches blossoms synthetic crystals throughout which when in bright surroundings shimmers throughout the room, yet as the day progresses into evening in lower lighting this would set apart your venue as the LED lights twinkle on. This metal tree stands at 92cm tall.
  • This manzanita tree is 78 cm tall and perfectly suited for all table sizes. This can be designed in any imaginative way from  shabby chic rustic accessories on the branches to adding burst of vibrant flowers to the entire tree. Colours of these trees are also optional upon request. 
  • This display a taller member of the display family, named pinched because of the mid point in which the legs from bottom and top base meet, this unique design would stand out in both small and large venues, 80cm tall.
  • The classic silver bowl stands at approximately 35cm tall, its has a large internal diameter allowing a more dense arrangement of flowers, grandly uplifting a table setting and venue.Silver
  • Our polished silver urn is 51cm tall, this special centrepiece gives potential to experiment with a variety of heights, shapes and sizes, using different types of floral arrangements. 
  • Our silver vase stands at 47cm tall, taking advantage of its narrow mouth its best coupled with shooting and hanging sprays, with its existing height along with tall flowers, the final arrangement would be nothing short of lush.
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